Welcome to my blog! This is a sample selection of photographs from my recent weddings as well as images from my personal life and travels. 


Kissing candid after wedding

So... I got married!  Yes that happened! And I couldn't be happier!

When Emilie and I first started talking about our wedding day, the first thing on both of our minds was who would do the photography. We talked about a lot of different options, but we quickly decided we wanted a perspective that is unique to us which lead us to the conclusion that we wanted to do it ourselves. I'm quite lucky that Emilie is a professional wedding photographer as well. 

We carried our cameras for most of the day and documented as much as we could. During the parts where we couldn't, we spread our cameras around to our friends and family. I love the perspective they brought to our pictures. A big thanks to my mom, Abby Smith, Emily & Dave Stoniecki, Mark Ott, Treson Thompson, and Daniel Gates for being willing to pick up a camera and take a few pictures. I really couldn't be happier with the results. 

As a surprise to us, our pastor, Don McLaughlin, secretly recorded the ceremony on his phone. It's just a phone recording, but I'm so glad he did it. We wanted to share that for those that didn't get to make it or for those that want to listen again. Our vows are also included further down.

The pictures below are just a few of our favorites from our wedding day. Thank you to all that helped make this fantastic day possible!

Wedding ring
Father of the bride
Mother of the bride and sister sweet moment
Daughter of the bride
Wedding selfie
Lil buddy
Kid playing candid
Helping mom get ready for wedding
Driving to church
looking out window
Church service before wedding
Mom and son at church
Kid at church
Singing at church before wedding
Groom and son getting ready
Bride shilhouette
Bride putting wedding dress on with mother
Mother helping bride get ready for wedding
Mother, Bride and daughter getting ready for wedding
Mother and daughter putting on necklace
Groom and daughter
Decorating for wedding reception
Bride pinning flowers on son
Collage of getting ready wedding pictures
Bride and officiant hug candid moment
Goofy kid
Candid photograph of bride with son
Flower girl
Awesome family photo
Groom candid at ceremony
Walking down the aisle
Beginning of ceremony
Candid photograph of officiant
Candid of bride and groom at ceremony
People watching wedding ceremony
Grandparents in black and white
Sweet candid shot of bride at wedding

The prologue has been written and the book is about to begin. I wait with bated breathe to start chapter one and refuse to ever put the book away. You have hinted at the story that is about to unfold.

Your patience with me, your ability to hear what was intended and respond with love blows me away. Your patience with the children.… Conversations about Greek gods, GaGa ball on the trampoline even after injuries occur, and long periods of comforting a little fellow who is scared at night. You bring peace into our life. Your consistency is dependable and so valued. You are my anchor. You allow me to be “me”: excited for life, looking for a project to complete, always looking for a good dance. You join me and help me. You are my best friend. You are not scared of my story, not scared of a “full” back seat, not scared to “go”. We want to “go” with you. You are a kind teacher and a quick learner. You are my photography buddy, my lead photographer and my second shooter. You have made me better: a better listener, a better mommy. I have hope of a better life and now my hope, the children’s hope of a complete family, a whole family is here. You hear us, you see us and you meet us where we are, daily. I stand back and watch you. I stand in amazement. I promise you faithfulness and adventures. I promise you all the even dances and then a few in between. I promise you all my first waltzes. I never want our dance to end.

You were going out west when I met you. You had your van ready… single bed, lights and travel gear stowed. I didn’t realize how we were going to be part of your story, now I realize that we are your “west”.

Gates: You fill my heart with joy. You are my encourager, my book of information and my BFF. I love teaching you, I love you teaching me. I watch you with your baby brother and see your heart. You write, you dance, you read, you inspire me. You are one and only. Gates, you fill me heart with joy. I love you with everything.

Liam: I have never played harder with anyone. You challenge me to keep my word, you push me to be a better mommy and teacher. I love you, all of you. I love your drive, your willingness to play hard without fear of injury and I love your smile. You make me proud to be your mother. You are my example of how to play with Bryant, how to be creative, how to make a sword out of anything.

Bryant: You have never stopped being a little joy giver. Wherever you go, you bring a smile. You are my little buddy, my shopping partner, my planner and strong heart. You will not remember so much of your life so far but we will tell you stories. Stories about you surviving on the trampoline as a baby with Big Bro. Stories about you melting your sister’s heart with your smile. Stories about the first real conversation you ever had, on the porch at Mommy’s house to a man you call Lloyd. I look forward to our life together, now with your siblings and after they fly the nest. You are my little buddy.

Children: I promise for the love in my heart to grow and grow as we walk through this life together. I promise to teach you Truth, love you the best I can as the Lord has loved me and to be the best mommy I can. Nothing brings me more joy than to be your mommy. The story will continue and you will help write it. I can not wait!!!!
Bride crying
Emotional moment with daughter
Ceremony collage
Candid moment during vows

I wrote you a letter a while back. I remember saying that before I met you, I really thought love was something only a few lucky people really got to experience. It seems so rare to me. I thought that everyone else was just making it work. But I now know that I was either wrong, or I am one of those lucky few. I hope that I was wrong, because I want everyone to have what we have.

There are so many times that I will never forget. Driving down the blue ridge parkway with you hanging out the window. The first time I saw you dance. My first waltz lesson. I remember watching you put on your makeup on the way to my first Asheville Contra dance, and seeing you transform in front of my eyes and thinking to myself, “uh oh, I’m in trouble”. I remember the first time I met Gates, Liam and Bryant, and the way you showed them love. And the way you all embraced me. Those memories are etched into my brain, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Emilie, I can’t promise you I’ll always be perfect. I can’t promise you won’t hate me sometimes. But I promise you that I am in this with everything I have. And I promise to put myself last. I promise to keep going on road trips with you. I promise to keep shooting weddings with you. I promise you will always be my number one second shooter. I promise to keep dancing with you. Even when I don’t really want to. Most importantly, I promise to keep walking our spiritual walk together. No matter where that goes. I promise to always deal with you and this family with honesty and integrity.

Gates. You are my favorite young woman in the entire world. I’ve never met anyone like you. Your zeal for reading and learning is unparalleled. I want to be like you so badly. You always greet me with a hug and a smile, and you give the absolute best hugs. I promise to be the best dad that I can. I promise to do the best I can to redeem men for you. I promise to always be available to help you. I promise to read both with and too you. I will always answer your questions with honesty, and I will always be here for you.

Liam. You are my favorite young man in the world. I’m amazed by how well you love your family. I love to see you laugh. You could be so angry at the world, but you’re not. I love wrestling with you, and I love to play Ga Ga ball with you. I can’t promise I’ll always be able to play, but I promise to make time for you every day. I promise to help you become a man, and help you see what it means to love.

Bryant. You are my favorite little monkey in the world. You make me laugh so hard. I love to read with you. I love the games you make up. I can’t wait to see who you become. I promise to give you everything I have. I promise to read to you. And I promise to always have dance parties with you. I promise to help you become the person you want be.

I love all 4 of you so much. You have embraced me fully from the day I first entered your life. I’m so happy today, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for us.
Emotional moments during ceremony
Emotional hug candid
Getting the rings
Rings on fingers
Nerf guns!
nerf guns at wedding
First kiss at wedding
Signing marriage certificate in East Tennessee
Bridal portrait after wedding
bride and groom walking
Photojournalist shot of bride getting out of car
behind the scenes at wedding
Bridal portraits in East Tennessee wheat field
Bride and Groom Portraits in field
Moody wedding portrait in east tennessee
Moody wedding portrait
wedding bouquet
Moody candid kissing portrait
Abstract wedding portrait
Bride and groom holding hands in East TN field
Black and white candid photo outside barn
Going into the ceremony
Emilie & Lloyd's Wedding Pictures-88.jpg
Bride and friend
Bride eating cookies
First dance at East TN wedding
B&W Wedding dance
Wedding first dance collage
Family dancing at east TN wedding
Best first dance
Dance floor collage
Groom dancing at wedding
Reception pictures
Couple dancing at ceremony
Groom and daughter being crazy
Pinata at wedding
Candid shot of bride and groom kissing at east TN wedding
Boy on ceremony dance floor
B&W kid dancing
Crazy dancing at ceremony
Dancing collage at east TN wedding
Mother and bride candid dancing
Fun ceremony picture
Bride, Groom & DJ at ceremony
Friends at ceremony
Honeymoon picture